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The Zimbabwe ‘O’ Level Mathematics Curriculum And Students' Career Aspirations In Shurugwi and Gweru Districts, Midlands Province: A Casual Comparative Analysis.Theses and Dissertations
The challenges of gender equity in student governance organisations of tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe, with special reference to Harare Province.Theses and Dissertations
Effectiveness Of Human Rights Aand Human Rights Supports Programmes Offered By Restoration Of Human Rights Zimbabwe In Darwendale District, Zimbabwe.
African Journal of Science and Research, 5 (3), p. 36-40
Journal Contribution
An understanding of human rights and human rights supports programmes offered by restoration of human rights in Darwedale District of Harare, Zimbabwe.
African Journal of Science and Research, 5 (2), p. 60-64
Journal Contribution
Understanding conflict and conflict Resolution Methods in Zimbabwean Churches. The case of Bindura Salvation Army Citadel
Greener Journal of Social Sciences, 6 (2), p. 30-37
Journal Contribution