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Title: Tutoring in the era of e-learning technologies: Re-examining current status and exploring alternatives at the Zimbabwe Open University
Authors: Chadamoyo, Patrick
Chiome, Chrispen
Dumbu Emmanuel
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Zimbabwe International Journal of Open & Distance Learning, 1 (2), p. 43-51
Abstract: Faced with the rapid changes in the development of tutoring and e-learning technologies, the institutions of higher learning are now struggling to choose the appropriate mix and combinations of the tutoring methods that meet the diverse needs of students in Open and Distance Learning (ODL). The present study explored literature and re- examined the current status of the tutoring methods used at the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) and assessed their effectiveness from the student perspective. A qualitative descriptive survey was used to gather data from a convenient sample of 105 returning students at the ZOU. Results showed a slow reaction by the university to catch up with these rapid changes in technology and a mixed reaction by students in assessing the effectiveness of these pedagogical, technological changes. When observed from a distance, the picture that one gets is that both the university and students are in a dilemma. They are not sure of which method to use to maximise learning. As a way forward, the study proposed and recommended that a ‘cafeteria’ approach be adopted so that each learner chooses an instructional method according to need and taste.
License: http://www.oceandocs.org/license
URI: lis.zou.ac.zw:8080/dspace /handle/0/392
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