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Title: Investigating the guidance and counseling role of female spirit mediums in the first and second Chimurenga wars in Zimbabwe, 1896-1980
Authors: Lilian,Chaminuka
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This study sought to appreciate the guidance and counselling roles played by the agency of female spirit mediumship during Zimbabwe’s liberation wars, 1896-1980, in order to describe African worldview’s link to contemporary guidance and counselling theory and practice. In so doing, the study offers gendered perspective research to the study of spirit mediumship in Zimbabwe. The study’s objectives included exploring the guidance and counselling offered by spirit mediums during the liberation wars in Zimbabwe contextualizing it to mainstream guidance and counselling theory and practice; examining the connection of this guidance and counselling to African cosmology; explicating factors causing the marginalisation of female spirit mediums in the Chimurenga meta-narrative and lastly to contribute a home grown theory of guidance and counselling. The role of guidance and counseling by female spirit mediums is seldom mentioned in the works of other scholars. Existential phenomenology was employed as a research design to investigate the phenomena of spirit mediumship. Purposive sampling and snowballing were utilized to select the research participants and was determined by data saturation. Data were gathered through in-depth interviews guided by interview guides and observation schedules. Research findings revealed that female spirit mediums’ guidance and counselling role has not been contextualized within the mainstream Western oriented guidance and counselling theory and practice. The study concluded that the important female spirit mediumship guidance and counselling paradigm has remained outside the purview of mainstream guidance and counselling theory in Zimbabwe. It is recommended that the guidance and counselling services provided by the female spirit mediums should be recognized within conventional guidance and counselling practice.
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