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Title: Challenges to the Centrality of Teaching Practice in the Student Teachers’ Professional Growth and Competent Classroom Management in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe
Authors: Ngara, Rosemary Christine
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The study endeavoured to investigate the nature of student teacher experiences and challenges they faced when doing Teaching Practice (TP). Additionally, the study aimed to propose ways by which problems in Teaching Practice could be overcome to enable teacher educators and students to attain the desired outcomes from teaching practice in a comprehensive and effective manner. An exploratory-explanatory case study method was used to generate data. An open-ended questionnaire, focus group discussions and document analysis were the data generation instruments used in the study. One hundred and sixteen student teachers, 62 mentors and 20 lecturers filled in open ended questionnaires and 45 student teachers (STs) took part in focus group discussions. Purposive and convenience sampling were employed to select schools, student teachers, lecturers and mentors for participation in the study. Participant, methodological and environmental triangulation was used to improve on the trustworthiness of the study. The study revealed that a variety of strategies were used by teacher education colleges in preparing student teachers for TP. Nonetheless, TP preparatory strategies were used inefficiently. Time constraints and large group sizes of student teachers were hindrances to the expected total efficiency of the preparatory strategies that were used. Students felt positive about some aspects of being mentored, using Information Communication Technology (ICT) gadgets, some aspects of college and school-based supervision and assessment and supportive school administration. Supervision and assessment by teacher education institutions presented challenges to student teachers in a variety of ways. Most supervisors had limited knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy in early childhood development (ECD) and even the practice of mentoring. Student teachers faced several challenges in the preparation and upkeep of Teaching Practice portfolios as well as in the delivery of units of instruction. Student teachers faced several mentor- and ICT-related challenges. Student teachers’ efforts to apply learnt theory and plans were stifled. The study revealed that several college and host school linked factors caused challenges which student teachers faced when doing Teaching Practice. Among these were the timing of TP. and emphasis on pass rate in tests and examinations in schools. The study recommends a change in the placement of TP. in teacher education by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, in collaboration with teacher education colleges, for the purpose of according sufficient preparatory time for TP. so that TP. becomes productive. The study recommends fast tracking in the education of ECD teachers to close the existing gap between expansion in ECD and the required staff. In addition, teachers’ college ICT curriculum needs to be widened to incorporate the development of student teachers’ skills in integrating ICT in their teaching when they are doing TP. as modern times may demand.
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