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Title: An Analysis of performance of small and medium enterprises in Mozambique: a case study of Beira City (2005-2010)
Authors: Albertina Celeste Inacio Ribaue
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: SMEs are economic entities which greatly contribute to the economic and social development of a country by generating employment, mobilization of natural and social resources, well-being of families and competitiveness of a country. However, because these organisations are of family line and have limitations in terms of financial and human resources, they have been susceptible to micro and macro environmental factors. This research aims to analyze the performance of SMEs in Mozambique with main focus in Beira. A qualitative approach was used to analyze in depth the factors that influence the success or failure of SMEs because of the nature of the study. The researcher was the main instrument in generation of data and she used participant observation in SMEs, interviews with owners or managers of SMEs, employees and customers of the same organisations and group discussions. Three small and two medium businesses were used in this study. Triangulation of data was used to validate the results of this research. From the research, the researcher found out that because of the nature of SMEs in Beira, they face many challenges in terms of access to finance, offering quality services/products. Government policy, political situation, climate change, competition and seasonal market are factors influencing SMEs performance. The study concluded that for SMEs to be successful in performance, they have to look for ways to attract and retain competent personnel, attract and retain customers and offer quality products and /or quality services.
License: http://www.oceandocs.org/license
URI: lis.zou.ac.zw:8080/dspace /handle/0/361
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